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You know our marketing team loves to help you guys out and today we want to share a tip that may seem obvious but so many are not doing.

Local businesses are great allies. Especially if you are trying to establish yourself as the go-to realtor in a particular area.

Many realtors think that collaborating means living their card or real estate magazine in that local business. But collaborations can go so much further!

You can join forces with a new opening location and host one of your events there. It can be as simple as a deal with a popular coffee shop or food truck to bring their food to all your local open houses and tag them in exchange for them tagging you back... Or maybe doing a small fair for local businesses to show off in the parking lot of a commercial property you are selling. Or maybe an alliance with a beauty salon at an open house on Mothers Day Weekend for all the neighbor moms to come to get a treatment at the open house or realtors event.

The idea is that you tag them and they tag you back and give you some presence in their place of business with your cards and brochures. You are paying for services or exchanging services but adding visibility to it. It's a visibility exchange.

For example, there are luxury realtors who have their marketing at high-end car dealerships and some car dealers in exchange give them as sponsors a car to park in front of a particular home or event location to promote a luxury lifestyle as part of the decor and setup with their info.

Just make sure that whatever you do is legal and not a violation of real estate regulations and your license depending on the state you are in.

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